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The Lear Competition Festival (LCF) is a hub that brings together innovation, networking, and exciting opportunities for the antitrust community.

Welcome to the Lear Competition Festival (#LCF), where innovation, networking, and exciting opportunities converge to create a dynamic hub for the antitrust community. This four-day international event builds on the success of the Lear conferences and aims at emphasizing the crucial role of economics in competition policy, to aid competition authorities and courts in making better decisions.

At LCF, you will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge discussions with leading experts on emerging competition tools and challenges, immerse yourself in in-depth dialogues on international cases, and explore advanced academic contributions in the fields of competition law, economics, policy, and regulation.

The LCF has consolidated itself into an annual gathering that has fostered valuable connections and synergies among its participants and partners. Whether you are looking to become a Partner or are interested in sponsoring and promoting this event, LCF provides packages tailored to suit each specific requirement.

LCF 2023 - Video
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Discover the Lear Competition Festival in this video report.

LCF 2023 - Networking

Additionally, the Lear Competition Festival provides valuable opportunities for inspiring and addressing the aspirations of the next generation interested in pursuing professional or academic careers within the field of antitrust and regulation. It includes:

  • the Young Talent Competition Award (#YTCA) an initiative that invites young economists and lawyers to submit their research proposals, which will be rigorously evaluated and selected by a distinguished commission before presenting them at the festival;
  • the Poster Session, providing students and researchers a platform to showcase their research findings to our participants through the use of printed posters during the first day of the festival;


In addition to these academic offerings, the LCF offers various networking opportunities. Attendees can engage in fruitful interactions during the aperitif, the gala dinner, and the walking tours, fostering connections with other participants.

Why should you attend?

Advanced discussion of competition law and economics topics

Promoting and developing antitrust knowledge through plenary sessions on cutting-edge topics with outstanding speakers from regulatory and competition authorities, universities, legal and economic consultancies, firms, and international institutions.

Dedicated sessions managed by LCF Partners

Dedicated sessions to discuss tools for economic and legal analysis in antitrust and regulation, methodologies and techniques to assess public policies and presentation of recent and highly debated antitrust cases.

LCF Talk

Interviews with internationally renowned speakers in the field of competition law and economics, presentation of books and magazines.

National Competition Authority Roundtable

Chairs and Executive members of National Competition Authorities will share their experiences and discuss the challenges they face in their respective countries.

Young Talent

Opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in antitrust and regulation. With the Young Talent Competition Award (YTCA) and the Poster Session, they will have the chance to present their research proposals to the LCF community.

Exhibition area

A space where law firms, consultancies and companies can promote their business activities and increase brand awareness, and where students and young professionals with experience in antitrust can find the best job opportunities in the field.

Networking and social events

Informal events where to interact with international experts and keynote speakers to make new contacts and establish professional relations.

Past editions

You can find out about the past editions of our international conferences.