The Lear Competition Festival  is an innovative international event, where all stakeholders of the antitrust community are brought together. Thanks to the LCF, you will: deepen knowledge on specific antitrust issues; discuss the interrelation between competition and regulation; acquire new tools for the economic and legal analysis; discuss the best methodologies to assess the effectiveness of public policies; network with key actors of the antitrust panorama (e.g. economists and lawyers from competition authorities, firms, IFIs and academics).

Precious synergies can arise from the collaboration between the different actors in the system and the partners adhering to the event.

Over the three-day festival, there will be debates on new tools and issues, discussion of selected international cases, academic contributions on topics, models and theories of competition law and economics, policy and regulations.

As part of the Lear Competition Festival 2021 (LCF21), Lear has instituted the Young Talent Competition Award (YTCA) for the best proposal for antitrust or regulatory research. Other than hosting plenary sessions, know how and hot cases session, LCF21 will give the opportunity to media sponsor to arrange two special sessions devoted to the discussion of a recent published book or to interview an outstanding expert of the antitrust field.

This year, the LCF21 will be a virtual edition event, all sessions will be held online.

We will offer an exciting event that will always aim at the highest quality standards

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Why should you attend?

Advanced discussion of competition law and economics topics

Promoting and developing the antitrust knowledge through round tables on cutting-edge topics with outstanding speakers from regulatory and competition authorities, universities, legal and economic consultancies, firms and international institutions

Know-how sessions and hot cases discussion

Dedicated sessions to discuss tools for economic and legal analysis in antitrust and regulation, methodologies and techniques to assess public policies, and presentation of recent and highly debated antitrust cases

Networking and social events

Unique opportunity to interact with international experts and keynote speakers to make new contacts and establish professional relations

LCF Young Talent Competition Award

As part of Lear Competition Festival, Lear has instituted a Young Talent Competition Award (YTCA) for young economists and lawyers in the field of antitrust and regulation. The YTCA will award the best proposal for research in the antitrust or regulation field.

Exhibition area

Opportunity to promote your company/firm or personalized advertising in an international environment

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