Gala Dinner

Boscolo Circo Massimo

Thursday 26th September h. 20:00 (CET)

The Boscolo Circo Massimo is an evocative and historic building with a long heritage spanning centuries, embodying the rich layers of Rome’s past. Located between the vast park of the Colosseo and the iconic Circo Massimo, it is close to the presumed site of the “Lupercal”, where the mythological figures of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, were raised by the She-wolf.

Throughout the ages, the area has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, the conquests of rulers and the development of Rome itself. On the site of the “Lupercal”, the first Christian church of the ancient Urbe and the convent of Santa Anastasia were built. Centuries later, at the current address, within the Farnese Gardens, the monastery of the Olivetan Fathers of the Benedictine Order was built, with its characteristic façade resembling a theatrical curtain and the famous plaster hand, known by the Romans as “Cicero’s hand”, pointing with the index finger.

Currently, Boscolo Circo Massimo hosts in its room the Library and the Museum of Cuisine, containing one of the most important collections of ancient utensils and recipes existing in Italy: the one collected with forty years of passion by Rossano Boscolo. The collection will be available to all the participants of the gala dinner.

The number of seats is limited. You can purchase your seat here

There is not specific dress code. Although, we suggest business casual. 



Boscolo Circo Massimo
Via dei Cerchi 87
00186 Rome (RM)