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Latest developments from regional competition regimes across the world

Thursday 28th September h. 11:30-12:15 (CET)
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Over 140 countries, including developing and least-developed countries, as well as regional economic organizations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, have adopted competition law and policy.

International cooperation is more easily initiated at the regional level, thanks to shared backgrounds, legal frameworks, interests, and understanding. Regional enforcement of competition laws could fill the gaps caused by the absence of national legislation, as well as promote harmonization, support less experienced competition authorities, and effectively combat cross-border cartels and market abuses by multinational players. Nevertheless, challenges remain, such as incomplete implementation of national laws and overlapping jurisdictions.

In this session, representatives from regional economic organizations will share their experiences and discuss some specific aspects such as the interaction and cooperation between regional and national competition authorities, case allocation, and best practices and recommendations in the enforcement of competition provisions.


Teresa Moreira
Head of Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, UNCTAD


Willard Mwemba
Chief Executive Officer, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission

Mahmoud Momtaz
Chairman, the Egyptian Competition Authority

Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean
Director of International Cooperation Office, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)


Teatro Trastevere
Via Jacopa de’ Settesoli 3, Rome

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