Open Day

What is the Open Day?

The first day of the Lear Competition Festival 2023 will be dedicated to the Open Day, a unique and exciting opportunity for students, graduates, researchers, and freelancers, so that they liaise with potential employers. The Open Day will be held in Rome on September 26, 2023.

If you are looking for a way “in” the Antitrust sector, the Lear Competition Festival Open Day is a one-of-a-kind opportunity! During the Open Day, you will be able to meet representatives from economic consultancies, legal firms, and international organizations with years of experience. You can meet our partners at their stands and engage with them! Discuss everyday life on the job, the firm’s culture, relevant projects, possible job and internship opportunities and much more. Be sure to have a few copies of your CV to hand out!

The Open Day comprises three main activities

  • Meet the firms: between 14:00 and 18:30, representatives from our Partners will be available at their respective stands. At the stands, you can engage in meaningful discussions with our Partners, talking about not just their day-to-day activities, but also past projects that they worked on, the sessions that they will present/moderate at the Lear Competition Festival, as well as discussing their selection process for new candidates and what skills they look for in an intern or a future colleague!
  • Open Day Poster Session: from 16:00 to 17:00, if you wish to, you will be able to showcase your skills to interested Partners by presenting the results of your research/insights through the use of a poster. You can present the poster as a single person or as a group. To learn more about the Open Day Poster Session, see the dedicated page.
  • The get-together: after the Open Day, take part in the get-together event, enjoying the drinks and finger food, so that you can keep building your network in a more informal environment. You can use this opportunity to strengthen the connections you have made throughout the day not just with our Partners, but also with fellow students, graduates, freelancers and your future colleagues!

How to participate?

If you want to participate in the Open Day, please register to the Open Day. Participating in the Open Day is free of charge, and participants in the Poster Session will also receive a 20% discount on the Lear Competition Festival participation fee.

The deadline to register for the Open Day is 15 of September 2023. For any other enquiry about the Open Day, please contact

We are currently working to ensure a convention with a nearby structure to offer accommodation discounts to participants to the Lear Competition Festival and to the Open Day, in an area close to the Festival! More information will be posted when available.

Are you a firm?

If you are interested in participating in the Open Day, searching for talents, and promoting your firm, please find the information at this link. For any doubt, write to