Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean

Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean

Director of International Cooperation Office, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK)

Martyna Derszniak-Noirjean leads UOKiK’s international cooperation initiatives in the field of competition and consumer protection, with the aim of facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, best practices and expertise between UOKiK and international experts, as well as developing cooperation in order to support stronger competition enforcement and policy.

Having worked as a consultant on a wide range of public policies in the field of socio-economic development and competitiveness, including state aid, Martyna has an excellent knowledge of different public stakeholders and their needs, as well as a wider perspective on competition and consumer protection. As a public policy expert, Martyna has written and contributed to a number of documents and publications aimed at communicating most effectively with public authorities.

Currently, Martyna coordinates and participates in a variety of projects, such as twinning and Polish Aid projects, on competition and consumer protection not only as a manager but also as an expert. She participates and speaks in conferences, seminars and study visits.

She holds a PhD in Philosophy (political, legal and economic philosophy).