Main Venue

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Largo Ascianghi 5, Rome - Italy

Cinema Troisi

Via Girolamo Induno 1, Rome - Italy

Teatro Trastevere

Via Jacopa de' Settesoli 3, Rome - Italy

WeGil is a cultural hub in Rome’s Trastevere District dedicated to exhibitions, performances, and events.

The previous “Gil” (now renamed “WeGil”) is a historic building in Rome built between 1933 and 1936 by Luigi Moretti. Being a clear declaration of Rationalism in Rome as a boundary between traditional architecture and European modern innovation, it is considered one of the most important modern architectural works in the capital.

Architect Moretti decided to create a building with new rationalist forms, alternating linear and sinuous solids, especially in the interiors, which are designed without strong divisions between different spaces and where natural light, filtered through large windows and skylights, dominates the space.

WeGil is currently a creative and inclusive hub, a reference point for the city, and a crossroad for territorial excellence.