Ester Benigni

Head of A2A Group Regulatory and Competition Affairs

Ester Benigni has been head of A2A Group Regulatory and Competition Affairs since 2015 and also Head of Consumer Organization Relations since 2021.

She is married and has two daughters, Giulia and Elena.

Ester has extensive experience in the sphere of public utility services gained initially with the Regulatory Authority (now ARERA – Autorità di Regolazione per Energia, Reti e Ambiente) from its establishment in 1997 and then within the company.

After successfully completing her secondary school studies (Diploma di Maturità Classica) and graduating in Political Science with specialization in economics from Milan’s Università Cattolica, she began her working career at the same university, carrying out research and lecturing on a course in the Theory and Politics of Economic Growth.

After then working for Montedison in their data analysis department, she moved on to the AEEG Electricity and Gas Regulatory Authority, one of the first independent administrative authorities to have set out procedures for the liberalization of the market and its opening to competition, in compliance with European Union directives.

Following this very institutionally oriented experience, Ester returned to the corporate sphere, firstly with AEM and then with A2A Trading, where she developed the business model for the management of the industrial portfolio and of electricity and environmental securities trading.

She teaches at Rome’s LUISS University on the course in Energy and Sustainability Law. She was chosen as Mentor for the A2A Group Programme and, in 2019-2020, participated as Role Model in the School-Company System Project in collaboration with ELIS.

A keen traveller and cake maker, she keeps constantly abreast of sustainability and low-carbon issues.